About "Here I Am"

I put this one on here as a tribute to my friend Chase Willett...it's him on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, me on electric guitars, and the oft-mentioned Jon Kretzer on drums. He's not dead or anything, he just moved away and I miss him. We recorded almost all of this at his former house in Orange Park (he had a pro studio there). The final mix I got from him was missing my bass tracks (they were on another ADAT that had been erased - oops!), so I added some using Vegas. It's a really fun song to play...and Jon and I played the riffs from it sometimes at Slaphappy shows for fun. This is Chase's song, basically. I'm just playing the parts as he told me to.

Of course, the real reason I included it was the psychedelic freakazoid guitar solos that I played on it (composed on the fly).

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