About "Jellybox"...

"Jellybox" was the beginning of a quest for me. To write a song a day for as long as I can. I failed miserably. I lasted three days, and only got two complete songs out of it (this and "My Heart").

The idea was, quality isn't what's important (though I find this one catchy, though infinitely cheesy), just quantity. It was an experiment in songwriting discipline - to see if I could just keep on writing, inspiration be damned. This one was written on June 14, 2006. I hope you like it. If you hate Matchbox 20 or any of those G-C-D metal ballads, you probably won't like this.

UPDATE 2-24-08: This version has new drums from Jon Kretzer and added bass and some layered guitar parts.

It was inspired (a little) by Jon's band Something Distant.

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