About "Lost Me"

One of my breakup songs...that was written BEFORE the breakup! I guess I lean toward the "lover's lament crap" that Mr. White* was talking about. I love this one because it was recorded on my brother's Tascam 464 cassette 4-track at 1am in my bedroom. I used my Washburn D17CE for acoustic sounds (mic'ed and direct with the piezo), and my Squier ProTone Strat through my Ampeg AX70 1x12" combo for the leads...I was going for a sort of "Robert Quine" thing on the lead parts - pentatonic and slinky. Not bad for a track recorded at levels that didn't wake my parents in the next room...

Mr. White was the A&R rep from Play-Tone records in the mid-60s that handled the fictional Wonders through their one-hit wonderdom...played (and directed) wonderfully by Tom Hanks.

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