About "Without You With Me Tonight"

There's a big story about this one...well, not really.

I had all the music, the first verse and the chorus done, but I felt it needed some different energy, so I had my brother Rob help me out. We worked together on the other two verses. I added a bridge later (I stole it from another one of my songs - when that one makes the page I'll let you know). It was one of our only true collaborations, and I think it was pretty successful.

It's kind of "Oneders", really, just a silly little pop song, but I think it's fun.

I gave my friend Dennis a CD of my stuff, including this song. Well, he called me one time as he was playing it in the car on the way home, and his kids were singing this song. I felt pretty cool at that moment.

Dig the three-part harmonies in the bridge (aka the interlude or middle eight, if we're being snobby), and the HAND CLAPS!!!

UPDATE February 4, 2008:
I added REAL DRUMS tracked by my favorite drummer (that I know), Jon Kretzer. They were recorded in his house with two mics. Me likee. Me hope you likee, too.

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